Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring begins

All over the garden there are flower buds just waiting to blossom. I love watching everything burst back into life It's one of my favorite times of year!

Red Easter Lillies, a gift from my mother's garden a year ago. Every day they get an inch taller.

The little fence keeps the dogs from trampling the flowers. I may move them to a safer spot soon.

My yellow climbing rose that only gave me about 3 flowers last year. Let's hope it tops that this year...or it's out.

The new white climbing roses they ordered for me at Repotted. I can't wait to see the blooms for the first time!

Same type of rose, other side of the patio. It's destined to climb and arch over the patio, raining white petals down on people.

The red climbing rose in the fence next to the driveway.

The honeysuckle flowers are about the explode onto the scene!

Strawberries are ripening too. They are SO DELICIOUS.

The new Ladybanks roses Elizabeth at repotted roccomended was the first thing to bloom. It might replace the other yellow rose bush next to it.

Beneath the yellow climbing roses, some wild bulbs I transplanted from the yard into the garden are starting to bloom but promise a lot more to come.

Perhaps that's why I love this part so much, it's the mixture of natural potential and nurturing care and a solid promise of much more goodness to come