Friday, September 17, 2010

New blinds make a HUGE impact

I've never replaced the crappy blinds that came with the house. There just seemed to be so many more important things to do that -I thought- would make a bigger impact on the house.

I was so wrong.

Now, looking back, I'm embarrassed to show how terrible they looked before. I would pull them all up first thing in the morning so no one would see them (and because I like the open feel) so many of you who have been to my house may have never seen them

Missing and broken slats were everywhere around the apartment. (I put all the more decent blinds upstairs in my tenant's space.) In the living room of my apartment the one on the far right wasn't long enough so we put a couch pillow in the window at night so people couldn't see in the house.

And here it is with new 2" faux wood blinds slightly open to let the light stream in. Now I leave them down and just tilt the blinds during the day to let in light because I love how they look so much!

In the sewing room, you can see a section where all the slats at the bottom are broken. The one next to my sewing machine was so bad I kept it up all day and night and threw it away ASAP hence no photo.

After new blinds it looks way better!!

And the thing I -stupidly- never expected is how much better it makes the OUTSIDE of my house look too!

The 2" slats compliment my metal canopies so well! I might be a little obsessed and silly, but now when I take the dogs outside at night I look at how nice my new blinds look with little streams of light gleaming through them and think proudly about how my house is now definitely the nicest looking on the block.

Oh ya.

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