Thursday, June 3, 2010


First we put in our shelves about a week ago so we could destroy the counter tops. There's a row of shelves next to the stove and a set in the window where the light will shimmer through my glass wares. (my glasses also happen to be the only ones of my dishes worth seeing all the time! Glimpse those shelf in the photo of the washers below)Then, of course, we ripped it all out! the old counter tops and sink were destroyed and Marco's brilliant Uncle Ilber came to work his magic. I was gone to my job at the boutique when it all happened, but magically when I returned there were pipes and electrics! That box has the water connectors in it and you can see the grey plug in the new electrical outlet next to it.

The next morning he returned to do some final connections and hook it all up and all of a sudden we have a working washer and dryer!!! You can see the piles of newly dried whites on the dryer.
I have never had so much fun doing laundry ever.

We immediately separated all our clothes into piles around the living room and began washing and haven't really stopped. We had almost everything in the house waiting to wash. It looks like tiny hills are all over the living room and the dogs LOVE jumping into the piles or taking naps in them. hehe. so cute! You can see where the sink will go in between the washer dryer. Hopefully I'll soon be able to scan in my drawings for the sink, counter, and cabinets beneath as well as a floor plan for how I want the kitchen to eventually look.

Sometimes it feels like things will never get done, then a big leap happens and it's like "wow! We did something cool! we're on our way!" This was a great jump forwards!!

NO MORE LAUNDRYMAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!

Now we just need to put the bead board across the back wall we just ripped off, install the sink, make a counter top around the sink which will be tiled, and build a cabinet underneath. Good thing Marco is actually a pretty skilled carpenter!
oh, and paint everything. That kitchen will look a lot better painted.
and organized too.
and eventually put tile on the floors....

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