Thursday, June 10, 2010

It's Thursday, and we're building a sink.

Tiny puppy Lady on the front porch about 4 months and 80 pounds ago.

When I got home from work Tuesday I found a box hidden under my front door mat on the porch (thanks to Wes, my great UPS guy) and inside I found TILE!!!!!!!!!!!
SOMEBODY aka MICHAL BOOTH sent me all the tile I need for the kitchen sink! eeeeeee!!!!!!!Marco arranged for his uncle to come back again today, so we went to home depot last night and bought a 12 ft. long 4"x4" square wooden post that we had cut into four 3' sections. These will be the dramatic big legs of my new freestanding sink. They got going on it early this morning using pieces from the scrap pile for the cross braces. We save any good wood in a scrap pile to reuse. Recycle, reduce, reuse, people!
(it's cheap too)The wood scrap pile outside the kitchen door, with a large yellow level on it right now. A level is critical in building stuff correctly, especially shelves and cabinets but probably shouldn't be left on the scrap pile, Marco.Marco's Uncle gets to work in the tiny square of yard at he head of the driveway, outside the kitchen door.Ta Da! Doesn't look like much. I know. Just wait until I get it all outfitted though with paint and tile and cabinet doors!
I think this next pic gives a slightly better view of the scene.
I LOVE my big porcelein sink I found at Orr Reed for $55. It's just one big basin that works perfectly with my wall mounted faucet and the fact that we wash all our dishes by hand. Now we need to put the bead board on the back wall (a long flat board with decorative grooved stripes across it), tile the counter top, add cabinet doors, and add fun details like paint and cool hinges. I think I'll paint the floor under the sink a tan colour to match the tile beter until we get real tile to re-do the kitchen floor. Right now we just primed the boards white.

In other news, my yellow Graham Thomas climbing rose is opening up it's first bloom. I've had it for a couple months and this is the first one. I'm so excited!
You can see it on the right in front of the white post. See how nicely it coordinates with the yellow antique door and our yellow dog, Lady Bear.
Lady is happy because she just dug a very big hole in the corner near the rose bush and feels invigorated by doing muddy doggy things. She tries very hard to be good and we try hard to teach her right from wrong but at the end of the day she always comes up with some way to remind us she may be a big dog but she's just a giant puppy.

Speaking of our giant puppy, have you noticed that many of my pictures are not so great? This is because I have no camera. My iphone camera is dead, my normal digital camera is old and beaten up and won't work anymore, and Marco has neither as well. So I borrowed my sister's digital camera and Lady Bear thought the cushy case was the perfect thing to chew, stole it out of my purse, and chomped down on the LCD screen. It shows a lovely modern art sort of streak of colours now. sigh. The camera still works but I have no idea what I'm shooting, so right now I'm using it as a point and shoot. I literally point it towards the item and click off a half dozen-ish photos and hope one is good. It does however turn out some very freestyle artistic slightly off photos, like the one of Marco's uncle on this post, that I rather like, so this isn't exactly a bad experience to be having. I'm learning a new mode of photo taking. Meanwhile, Marco's upgrading to an iphone 4 in about a month and I'll get one in September, so watch out! this blog is going to get EVEN BETTER in a couple months. I'm talking lots of better photos AND video! ...and don't worry, I'm going to fix my sister's camera for her too.

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  1. It's amazing how much Lady has grown! That pic of her in the doorway is too cute! :) I'm loving how quickly the sink's coming along! Keep up the great work!!!