Saturday, April 9, 2011

More surprises under foot.

After a big windy storm with pounding rain, I saw some strange things poking through the grass and dirt. I think Lady's horse-like running track around the yard that killed most of the grass allowed for greater than normal erosion during the storm.

Here 's a top of a stone (and the top of Lady's head as she runs down the sidewalk)

A round pebbled shape like a stepping stone was in the middle of the yard, and in the upper left you can see a brick next to the sidewalk

We're planning to till up the whole yard, even out the ground level and plant grass seed soon. We can't use a roto tiller on bricks, so we set to digging them out.

Here's the scene before we dug...and then all we found...

Check out the shapes of these old bricks. I love the one with the big oval holes.

In one place I pulled out a brick only to find another beneath it. When you get another surprise like that you start to wonder what's next. A wall of stone? But it was the only place. The rest of the creatively placed hodge podge row of stones was only one layer thick.
Fittingly, the brick in the second layer was named "Kookey"

Who put them in? When and why? It wasn't a pretty border, but it was too erratic to be functional. It's another mystery that comes of living in a house that many many people have lived in before.

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