Friday, May 6, 2011

New grass

The yard never had great grass, but having a big horse of a dog hasn't helped!

We decided to focus on improving the one solid area of grass inside the fenced part of the yard by smoothing out the ground and giving it a NICE thick layer of St Augustine grass.

First we had to get out all the old grass and loosen up the soil. Home Depot has some great tools for that. Having a strong person the wield the tiller is critical!

The dogs loved the tilled up soil. They ran all over it chasing each other and play fighting over their bone.

We loaded up the truck with a bed FULL of dirt that we shoveled out of the yard to level it. We took it over to Marco's brother's house for some new flower beds. I then spent a couple hours spreading out, flattening, and somewhat perfectly leveling the soil.

We found a guy on Craigslist selling grass for $115 per pallet. He had only been open for business a few days and was trying to attract business. It was perfect! Exactly the amount we needed and slightly more.

For about three weeks I hand watered the new yard two or three times a day, nit soaking it but just keeping it moist so the new roots could take hold. Now I'm watering every morning. It's filling in and looking great.

We moved the fountain to another place in the yard and i still need to get a solar powered pump for it. It going to sound and feel so nice!

Marco's mother gave us a japanese maple. It looks lovely next to my corner garden filled with plants she grew and gave us too.

Next up is refinishing the wood floors inside, again. We learned a lot from the first time and want to do it better. Then we'll finally paint the windows and awnings. We tested the blue and may have finally decided we love it. Not sure. We'll see!

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